Auriculotherapy, invented by Professor Nogier from Lyon in France, brought to light in the 1950’s, what was to become known as the VAS (Vascular Autonomic Reflex) by studying the neurovegetative dimension of the radial pulse, which led him to classify the somatopias represented on the pavilion of the ear.


Dr Brinette, a student of Nogier from Mulhouse, France, building on the work of the latter, developed a somato-emotional technique based on an understanding of energy as the vector for moving information. He defined the frequency dispatching role of the mind and developed the notion of “self compensating system”.


Gille Guegen, physiotherapist and mathematician in Tours, France, worked with the logic of energies as defined by the epistemologist and philosopher Stéphane Lupasco which led to an understanding of its use for therapeutic purposes.


Devised by Patrick Latour, a dentist from Paris, France, as a body based technique synthesising the aforementioned fields and imparted a systemic and holistic perspective to the act of therapy.

Patrick LATOUR

Trained as a dentist in 1972. After 19 years of general practice, particularly in surgery, Patrick LATOUR focused on Osteopathic medicine and Psychological health.

Founded Etiotherapy
in 1998